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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Island of Dr. Moreau?

The Island of Dr. Moreau is a 19th century work of literature by H.G. Wells. It has long served as a moral compass for Lost Spirits Distillery.  It foretells the modern scientific age and the complex issues that we would face as humanities scientific prowess developed.

 The legendary work of literature explores the refinement and unattainable quest for perfection that separates man from beast.  


It is this aspect of Wells work that inspires Fish or Flesh.



Does the meal include champagne?

Yes.  Presently we start the meal with a vintage Taittinger.

What do you mean "eat the booze and drink the tea?"

Fish or Flesh is set in the middle of the jungle gardens of Lost Spirits Distillery.  As such, it seemed only fitting to imagine several of the dishes would feature the signature flavors of the distillery's spirits.  

Since rum and brandy both appear in the story of The Island of Dr. Moreau, we use those spirits to infuse a complex kick to the menu.  

Do I need to book the whole room to make a reservation?

No.  You may book from 1 to 14 seats.  

The room often takes on the feeling of a dinner party.

If I can't drink alcohol can I eat here?

No.  Many of the dishes served in the restaurant contain alcohol. 

Do you offer a vegetarian menu?

No.  It would undermine the narrative. 

Can I use "golden tickets" from the distillery tour to book a reservation here?

No.  The golden tickets issued with bottle sales in the distillery are good for free tours, but not for tour & dining combinations.

How long does dinner service and the tour last?

Dinning at Fish or Flesh takes about 2 hours.  Your tour will depart shortly after service concludes and it will return in approximately 2 hours.  So you will want to block out about 4 hours in total for both the dining and tour experiences.

Can I reserve the tea service and not take the tour?

While of course you could leave before your tour departs, the two are always

offered as a combination. 

Do you offer discounts for designated drivers?

No.  We strongly recommend using ride share services. 

Do you offer discounts for any other reasons?

Yes.  Company employees and culinary students.

Is Fish or Flesh accessible?

Yes.  We are ADA compliant.  We are not animals.

Is there parking?

There is street parking, but Lost Spirits is on a busy block in the arts district, so it can be quite challenging.  Because you will be consuming alcohol, we strongly recommend using ride share services. 

Is there a dress code?

No.  But we will be outside in the jungle dinning by candle light, you will want to dress appropriately for the weather. 

What happens if it rains?

Your reservation will be canceled and refunded in the event of extreme weather including light rain.

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