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Gift Pass


What is a Fish or Flesh gift pass good for?

The gift pass is an early-bird offering that allows someone to book a visit to the experience Fish or Flesh.  Each gift pass is good for one seating and can be used for any slot that is available at Fish or Flesh on the booking site.


When can I use the pass?

Passes are good for any time that Fish or Flesh has open slots online.

What happens if the price of Fish or Flesh increases?

Fish or Flesh pricing may increase over time, however, your purchased gift pass will still be honored regardless of any price increases over time.    

Will I get a paper copy of my pass?

Yes.  Paper copies of your pass will be mailed to the address you provide at check out.  Furthermore, you will also receive an electronic copy.

Can I give this to someone else to use?

The gift pass can absolutely be provided to someone else for use.  These tickets have serial numbers and will be connected to the person who has purchased the ticket.  We also ask that if you are gifting the ticket, that you specify who that person is that will be utilizing the ticket so that we may properly assign that pass.  If at any time you wish to transfer that pass you can do so by sending an email to our reservations team at

Can I have a discount for buying out the whole table of 14?

No.  We do not provide discounts for full table buy outs.




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